Thank you for your business!

Masque is a family owned and run business that specializes in handmade leather products. We have been providing our leather masks, journals, hand-bags, key chains and bracelets to the public at arts and crafts festivals and now are offering them through our web site.

Our artists have been creating “one of a kind” leather products for over 25 years. Each item is made from special “Bageta” leather that has been processed the same way for over 400 years. The leather is submerged in water until it becomes soft and supple. Once it has reached the proper consistency, it is then hand-sculpted and shaped by the artist to create the various products. After drying, it reaches its final form with unique paints and varnishes.

All our products are made with the highest quality materials and finished with great care as evidenced in their look and feel. Each piece is and individual work of art. No two pieces are exactly alike. Notice the detailed facial expressions on each mask or the intricate work that forms the binding of the journals.

Once you receive your piece, take the time to study it and enjoy its unique craftsmanship. Feel comfortable knowing that your purchase is one of a kind that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Our products make great gifts for any occasion. Our masks can be beautifully displayed on your favorite wall to be viewed over and over. The journals can be placed on your coffee table or next to your bed to capture your most treasured thoughts. A budding artist can use it to sketch the next masterpiece.

We will be adding more products in the future. Feel free to check back with us often for new products or specials. See our newsletter and follow us on Social Media. We look forward to serving you.