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Our “one of a kind” handmade bags is made from special “Bageta” leather that has been processed the same way for over 400 years. Our artists hand shape the leather to form the unique facial expression of each bag and finish it with special paints and varnishes. Look through all our bag pictures to find the one that fits you best. Scroll over the pictures and see the detail that our artists put into each one. Every bag is truly an individual work of art and no two are exactly alike. You can enjoy your bag for years to come knowing that you will be the only one receiving this exact bag. You might even wish to give one away as they make great gifts for any occasion.


Hand crafted work of art
100% leather
Unique individual facial expressions


8.5” X 10”

Sizes are approximate as each bag is a handmade work of art.
Color variations and emblem placement may vary slightly.

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